Competency #4 – Managing Appointments

Your physician has been asked to speak at a national conference. Four patients will need to be rescheduled due to the physician’s unexpected absence from the office.

The assignment has three parts to create a conversation between staff (you) and patient (other students):

Part 1 – Write out the message you would say to the patient when you call him or her to reschedule.

Part 2 – Reply as a patient (to another student’s posting). Reply to at least two other student’s messages. Use different replies.

Part 3 – Reply to your patient’s reply and confirm the appoint.  Then reply as a patient to the other students posting your replyied to in Part 2.

Example:(don’t use my words)

Part 1. (you) Staff: Mrs. Jones (student), this is Dallas (your name) and I am calling from Dr Smith office and she has been called away from the office unexpectedly and will need to reschedule your appointment. Our next appointment available is May 25th at 2 p.m. Would that work for you or is there another date that would be convenient?

Part 2.(another students) Patient: 2 p.m. does not work for me do you have something earlier May 26th?

Part 3.(you)Staff: Yes, Mrs. Jones, we have a 9 a.m. open would that work?

(another student) Patient: Yes, that will work.

(you) Staff: Thank you Mrs. Jones, your appointment has been changed to May 26th at 9 a.m.


2 Responses to Competency #4 – Managing Appointments

  1. lydavis2 says:

    Good Morning Mrs. Mitchell, this is Latisha Davis Medical Assistant for Dr. Webb’s office. How are you today? Well the nature of my call today is because Dr.Webb had to be called away from the office today and we will have to reschedule your appointment for today. The next appointment will be Nov.21 at 1 p.m. Would that work or would you need another date and time that is more convenient for you?
    Part 2 Patient: Well Nov.21 at 1 is not a good time for me because I have another appointment this day. Do you have anything sooner and in the morning?
    Part 3 Staff: Just one second Mrs. Mitchell I will check that for you, would you mind holding for a moment?
    Part 4 Patient: Yes I will hold.
    Part 5 Staff: Okay, Mrs. Mitchell how does Nov 19th at 10 a.m. sound, Will this work?
    Part 6 Patient:Yes, that works fine.
    Part 7 Staff: Thank you very much Mrs. Mitchell we have you scheduled for Nov.19th at 10 a.m. and thank you for your patience,so sorry for the inconvenience and have a wonderful day.

  2. ssledgett says:

    Good morning, Mr. Smith. This is Sarah from Dr. Doe’s office. I am calling today because Dr. Doe has been called away from the office suddenly and we will need to reschedule your appointment from the 31st of November to December. Our next available appointment is the 3rd of December at 4:30pm. Would this day be suitable for you?

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