Competency #2 – Law and Ethics

Using reference material such as your textbook and the Internet research either topic A or B. Select either topic A or B. Post your research in the comment box below. Your posting should be between 1-3 paragraphs. Good writing skills are required.  After the topic has been posted please respond to at least two other students’ posting.

When responding to your fellow students the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Information clearly relates to the topic and adds new concepts or information. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.
  • Enhances the critical thinking process through reflection and difference questioning of self and others.
  • Encourages interaction among your classmates.
  • Professional vocabulary and writing style are used throughout the discussion.


A. State the ways in which controlled substances must be disposed of to maintain compliance with government regulations.

B. Research a recent health-care legislative issue. Please include the web site or location for the issue.

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